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[01/01/14]   My goal this year is do more nail art. The nails I just posted were super fun. My daughter loves getting her nails done but hates sitting through it. So today I bought the full length press ons and painted them while she did who knows what. Then I simply glued them on her finger nails. And she didn't have to suffer. LMAO Super simple!
[08/01/13]   My "The Walking Dead" nails used in Nail it Magazine. Woohoo

[07/02/13]   Doing some nail art!
generalmills.com General Mills: Harmony Imera: California mom painted cereal characters on her nails http://generalmills.com/Home/ChannelG/YourStories/HarmonyImera.aspx generalmills.com General Mills website. Located in Minneapolis, Minn., USA, we are among the world's largest food companies, and we market some of the world’s best-loved brands, including:
[06/24/13]   Painting my daughters nails in preparation for her Justin Bieber Concert tomorrow. Pics to follow!
[02/16/13]   Oh and btw, this means nail art to come.
[02/16/13]   Here at the salon to get a fill and had to giggle inside my head as the women tried to peel of my nail art. LOL
[02/12/13]   I'm still here everyone, sorry I haven't posted lately. I already have something special planned for my nails. Now all I have to do is find time.

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