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Stop Organized Thieves in SLO Help stop organized crime in San Luis Obispo! Here is a shorter video clip of the organize theft that took place on 1/20/2013 at Marigold Nails. Please share and help us catch these criminals before they strike again. Approximately 3:30pm on Monday 1/20/2014 5 women walked into Marigold Nails in San Luis Obispo wanting to get they're nails done. Their real intention was to...
Organized Thieves in San Luis Obispo California Steal From Marigold Nails Salon Dear Cal Poly Alumni, SLO residents or anyone that loves San Luis Obispo,

My family and I have been a part of the San Luis Obispo community since 1998. As a Cal Poly Alumni now living in the bay area, I look forward to my visits home to SLO. Our town is small but filled with character and although most visitor's fail to pronounce "San Luis Obispo" correctly, they keep coming back.

My family's small businesses have flourished here through the years; We take pride in our small businesses but most of all, my family takes pride in our small, intimate and safe little town. San Luis Obispo has gone through many changes in the past 10 years with a fast growing population but we remain a quaint town and a tight and safe community.

A growing town comes with growing crimes but I refuse to let this happen to our town. My mother has owned Marigold Nails for over 14 years. Every morning, for the past 14 years she opens her business and places her purse in the exact same place everyday, right behind the front desk. As a small business owner in SLO for almost 16 years, we have never felt so violated and vulnerable. Around 3:30 pm on Monday 1/20/2014, 5 spanish speaking women entered our nail salon asking for nail services, but their true intentions were to commit a crime. The 5 women were organized and experienced as they made several attempts to distract our employees and ultimately swiftly removing my mother's purse from behind the counter and leaving un-noticed. I strongly feel that this is an organized group that will strike again, your business may be NEXT. As a community, we should not tolerate such crimes. These women are living in our community, they may be one of your employees, your neighbor, or a parent of your children's classmate.

Please help us share the surveillance footage with our San Luis Obispo community, no other business should experience this. We would like to make this as public as possible so everyone in our community is aware of this event. Let us come together and fight back.

If you recognize these women or have any information pertaining this this incident, please contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department and reference Case No. 140120063. Please share this information! These women may reside in the San Luis Obispo (California) Community, and may be employed in the area. They are an organized g...

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