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5 years ago I met you and you offered me a job I couldn’t turn down , what you didn’t know is you were saving me . I can never explain or put into words Lily Boyack what you did for me other then your small act of kindness has changed the course of my entire life for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful for you, to call you my friend would be an understatement. I love you more every day and I look forward to spending many years with you and our clients, enjoying our puppies and watching our families blossom ♥️ here’s to many more years with our clients I love you all ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Come and see me Friday the 3rd I have 3 openings! Angie has availability Friday, July 3 at 10:30 for a pedicure and two openings for manicuring services 💅 give her a call 209 275 4401 
I’ve been PAROLED!!!! Back to work June 19th stay tuned for appointments and new salon guidelines!!!!
It is with a heavy heart that I announce there is no return date for me to go back to work . I cannot it good conscious put my family at risk or others by doing nails out of my home 🥺while others decide to break the law and put people at risk so they don’t lose a dime , it’s just not in me to follow suit ! I love my job I love my clients like family and I’m just hoping your all waiting for me when this is over ! I’ll contact everyone personally as soon as I have a return to work date 💚
Missing you all like crazy 🥺does anyone need sanitizer ? I came across this gem today we can place an order , anybody in need of files , buffers, nail strengthener ?
Knowing there’s so much love for me from all of you is getting me through today I’m beyond grateful 🥰
Week 3 how y’all doin ?
You know your loved when out of nowhere cards like these show up 😭my clients mean the world to me thank you for caring about me during this time 🥰
New nail transfers waiting for your comeback!
[03/30/20]   COVID-19 update 🥺
As most of you know the quarantine orders have been extended until April 30th , all of us at Belles Studio are devastated that we won’t be back to work next week . We care about our clients like family and we want to keep everyone safe during this global pandemic . We will continue to follow government policy during this time! To all my clients I miss you dearly and you’ve already herd from me today with your new May appointments , if you haven’t herd from me comment below or message me for an appointment, stay safe 💔
Angies nail's at belles
Day 7 and I am officially cleaning things already clean 🙃miss you guys so much let’s play a game post a picture of nails you want when we can get back in the salon !
Look what your favorite nail tech got for you as a welcome back treat ! 8 new fun bold polishes and nail transfers I cannot wait to try this product they have colors one can only dream to find 🤗I’m so bored without you all let’s get back to creating soon , remember April is autism awareness month let’s get your blue on!
[03/20/20]   Do to unforeseen circumstances Belles studio is closing until April 6th . We have a large elderly clientele and we want to keep everyone safe . Business will resume as usual April 6th please keep your loved ones and sick ones safe 😘 we will all recover financially and the world will go round once again !

Love always your favorite nail tech 💙
Mint , shamrock , and lucky charm for this little lady
Shamrock , feeling lucky , and whimsical castle for this beauty
Guess who’s favorite holiday is coming 🤗come check out my greens I have about 10 to choose from maybe more I’m a bit obsessed 🤪#geladdiction #over150colors #icanthelpmyself #anewcollectionlaunched #doineedit #yesido
And just like that back to dark thank you @wendys101 for making magic happen
From football nails to valentines nails with just a little foil #foiltransfer #easynailart #heartprint #halolove
Happy new year from your favorite nail tech !
Hope 2020 brings you many positive things.
Survived the Christmas Season at the salon was able to sneak in a polish change on myself red balloons with peppermint crush sparkle yes please #tammytaylornails #glitterseasonisover #bringon2020 #roaring20collectionarrived #happychristmas
Fern-alicious and peppermint crush with holographic nail art #newnailart #tammytaylorgel #holidayfun
Sombody got new mood changing ink to play with 🤗#lovenailart #johensmoodink #tammytaylortrendytreebase
She who must not be named sat in my chair today afraid to show me how stressed out she had been 😵🤦🏻‍♀️not to fret dear friend I got you #miracleworker #makingmagichappen #horsemomma #rainwasroughonyou
Trendy tree with gold foil and cats eye chrome matte finish on the green 🤗
Tis the season for snowflakes !!! Frozen nails ! Glitter everywhere 😱
First Christmas decorations gone up at the salon today ! I couldn’t wait he’s too cute !
I love my job
Angies nail's at belles
Angies nail's at belles's cover photo
Halloween stamping fun
Couldn’t wait for the fall weather to show up so I broke out the fall colors before the weather set in ! Dark cherry , fifth avenue, and socialite to add a little sparkle. These nails showcase my new product called plump . It’s a brush on gel that helps natural nails grow long and beautiful with just a little support. It’s a perfect alternative to acrylic but without the prep work and weight of the artificial nail !
Skittles is what I think of with these #highschoolnails #junioryear #2020
When you can’t decide on a summer color you wear 5 of them 🤗
Dramatic white ombré with cool peach at the apex (picture not the greatest) #babyboomernails #allinadayswork #tammytaylor #nicenailsaintcheap #cheapnailsaintnice

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