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23 Snell St., Sonora, CA, 95370

Mirror Mirror Salon & Boutique

23 Snell St.

Sonora, CA, 95370

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When your friends let you play with color on their hair🦄❤🧡💛💚💙💜
What we’re all saying right now all day.. every day..
Can’t wait to get back to it!
Nails by Jen
Throw back to a nice volume cateye set of lashes🖤 Jen & I can’t wait to jump right back into it!
Ask Jen and Sadie what is out there for your hair or skin for your specific needs💕 buy a gift certificate to get product when we are able to order or product that we have available already!
We love our clients and followers! This is a hard time for everyone right now. We need to support each other and spread love more than ever💕
In a time of uncertainty, Jen & I would love for our clients (present & future) to know:
Jen and I are doing extra to keep Mirror Mirror CLEAN and sanitized. We are both certified in not only the use of Barbicide (a hospital grade disinfectant), but also sanitation and disinfectant procedures. The first thing you learn in order to become licensed in the Beauty industry is in depth disease/infection control. We work hands on every day with the community and care first and foremost about your health and ours. We are regulated in every day services on how clean and organized our work station is. We have very strict guidelines from The State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering to abide by.

We both use barbicide daily to sanitize our tools before and after each client. I also use on my tools, cavi wipes (which I am not even supposed to use with bare hands so I use gloves). Cavi wipes are a medical grade disinfectant that can be used on impliments as well.

We both also use Beauty Secrets alcohol to cleanse our hands before, during, & after services after washing them in the sink to begin in the first place.

We clean handles, desk/table tops, chairs, mirrors, or anything else that is touched by us or our clients multiple times a day.

People who work in the Beauty Industry have clients who rely on them and we are not awarded sick pay when needed. With that being said, we are always trying our best to stay healthy and keep our clients the same in our care.

We do ask, as always, that if any of our clients feel sick in any way, that you please reschedule your appointment 💕 Thank you and if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

We hope all our clients and friends stay safe and healthy in this time in our Nation and World🌏

(This post in written by Sadie, the esthetician & lash artist @Mirror Mirror)
Taking black box color to platinum grey😍 Color correction by Jenny😊 Love my clients!! Love what I do!!!
Beautiful hybrid set in beautiful Sonora, CA 📍
Zoie the salon therapy dog/mascot taking a short break in the last bit of sunshine yesterday💕 14 years old. My most faithful and loyal friend❤❤❤
Color by Jenny
Color and extensions by Jenny (209)768-0916
Hand tied extensions added for thickness and volume
Classic lashes are perfect to start out with or if you prefer the natural look! 💕
$20 off when you prebook before February ends For a full set of lashes to your liking or a chemical peel!

Fun Fact: The average cell turnover rate is 28 days. This means that your dead skin cells shed and new fresh cells come to the top. As we age though, this slows down, and so to speed this up to avoid adult acne, texture, wrinkles, and other issues, exfoliation is very important. You should exfoliate 2-3 times a week at home with a product that is esthetician approved and you should see a professional once a month to aid in the cell turnover process and to hopefully catch the new cells and strengthen them with the product used in chemical peels!
Photos from Mirror Mirror Salon & Boutique's post
Gel polish Birthday nails for my sweet friend🎂
Photos from Mirror Mirror Salon & Boutique's post
Nails by Jenny
The cutest airbrushed ombre hand crafted acrylics we ever did see😍 by: Jenny
Baby lights to blend grey and and break the line of demarcation and transition into a more natural blend of color that included some of the client's self proclaimed "earned grey's"💕...Love that!!! Wisdom hairs🙌💕 Color by Jenny❤ (209) 768-0916
Rich chesnut brown with subtle highlights💕 by Jenny
New cut and color😍 By Jenny

Color by Jenny (209)768-0916
Valentine nails❤💕😍🥰💕 by Jenny (209)768-0916
Pretty nails for on of my besties😍 Love you SGF💜
Cute nails💕
Photos from Mirror Mirror Salon & Boutique's post We had soo much fun in the salon yesterday. Tanya and her girls did a beautiful job braiding hair and adding charms for a special birthday party.
NEW DECADE, NEW SALE. During the month of January, all full sets will be $100✨ start 2020 out with beautiful lashes! Esthetics by Sadie
Cute little pixie with a splash of blue 💙 by Jenny
Mahogany balayage by Jenny (209)768-0916

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