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Three and half months later...
Sometimes you deal with clients like this..... #tiredchild #saturdayclasses #caniskipthis
Just a little magic....))
Rejuvenating and Firming single treatment. 1,5hr later.
Rejuvenation and Lifting. Immediate result.
Always excited to try something new and different.... ))
When should I start my skin care regimen? As soon as you notice first signs of a problem.
Diminished wrinkles ✅
Erased fine lines ✅
Firm and youthful appearance ✅
1,5 hours later....
Russian Volume. Eyelash extensions from Russia.
Lifting and firming. Non-invasive treatments with instant result. 1,5hr later.
It’s here! #holylandcosmetics #holylandlaboratories #madeinisrael🇮🇱
“I am extremely cute and very well behaved. I’ll quietly sit here while my mom does her lashes, if you’re ok with it....” ❤️
Skills, knowledge and best skincare line in the world simply do the magic))) 1,5hr later..... #holylandcosmetics #holylandlaboratories
Placing an order! #holylandcosmetics #holylandlaboratories
Problem skin is manageable with professional treatments and a proper home care. Three weeks result.
Just another day here...❤️
Rejuvenating treatment, Sculpturing massage and lifting mask. 1,5hr later....
Combination of treatments provides you with a total transformation of your overall appeal. 1,5hr later...
Sculpturing Massage. Before and 30 minutes after.
Reviving an extremely dehydrated and dull skin with ....... 😉😉😉
Pampering your back is as important as taking care of your face. Show off your flawless skin with pride!!!
Russian Volume, gorgeous, delicate and natural.
[03/14/19]   Placing an order on Monday
Sculpturing Massage is beneficial no matter how old you are. High cheekbones, erased fine lines and overall plump appearance in just 30 minutes.
1 Rejuvenating treatment. Immediate result. Before and 45min after.
The famous combo of treatments. No fillers needed! 1,5hr later.
Start your skin care regimen right! #holyland #holylandcosmetics
Best cosmetic line in the world! Take your skin care to the whole new level. #holyland #holylandcosmetics
Rejuvenating treatment and Sculpturing massage, 1,5hrs later.....))
Non-invasive and (almost)pleasant way to erase years from your face. Microdermabrasion/massage combo. 1,5hr later.
Ultra thin Russian Volume creates a very natural look, yet draws everyone’s attention to your eyes.
Back Facial. Getting ready for spring and summer of 2019!
Nourishing mask from the latest HolyLand’s line is designed to be applied around your eyes and on upper lids as well.
Getting glowing Cleopatra’s skin.... Renewing, refreshing and deep moisturizing.
.....and again! Combination of treatments provides you with an immediate and simply undeniable result. 1,5hr later.

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