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Something a little spooky.... 🎃🎃
NTD Television Love🤣🤣🤣 Her brother was so sweet

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Beautiful nails done by Miss Martie Roark! Oh yeah, the puppy is cute too!
Queer I can’t 😂
NTD Television This is the smoothest baby ever... Wait for it 😂😂

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Happy Birthday Rainey!!! ❤️😘
11:11 Awakening Code This is beautiful 👌
😍🤗Love me some Alli
Julie Bee, ❤️ Another talented hairdresser in John Of Italy!! ❤️ The smile of the happy client 😃 To create this blonde look, Julie B used her “Nothing Left Behind” technique, where hair isn’t left out in between foils. 🙌 This reduces the line of demarcation and allows for a more subtle grow out. 😍 She used Redken #shadeseq 9v + clear, and to style she prepped hair with amika: Texture Spray, then curled for a matte, rock ‘n’ roll finish 🔥🎸 #beautylaunchpad
Dr. Joseph Mercola Your nails can tell you a lot about your health.

(Article by: The Hearty Soul)


Dr. Joseph Mercola This often-overlooked part of your body can reveal many things about your health. Watch out if your nails look like this.
Try Not to Laugh BOOP!
LADbible Plastering on a fake smile and faking your way through Monday... 😊😑

Tiny Princess Ada 4 Underrated Oils Your Skin is Begging For Right Now (Anti-Inflammatory, Rejuvenating, Anti-Aging) I use all these oils along with citrus essential oils in my foot scrub that I made....feels awesome afterwards and absorbs into the skin nicely.❤️🤗 This article is shared with permission from our friends at Food Matters. We know more than anyone that what you put inside your body matters but how often do you stop and consider what you put ON your body? Ditch the toxic moisturizers and discover why you should nourish your skin with these 4 natur...

[02/06/18]   Tips for healthy nails

Nails reflect our overall health, which is why proper nail care is so important. Here are dermatologists’ tips for keeping your nails healthy:

1. Keep nails clean and dry.

2. Cut nails straight across. Use sharp nail scissors or clippers. Round the nails slightly at the tips for maximum strength.

3. Keep nails shaped and free of snags by filing with an emery board.

4. Do not bite fingernails or remove the cuticle. Doing so can damage the nail.

5. Do not use your nails as a tool, such as opening pop cans.

6. Trim toenails regularly. Keeping them short will minimize the risk of trauma and injury.

7. When toenails are thick and difficult to cut, soak your feet in warm salt water. Mix one teaspoon of salt per pint of water and soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

8. Avoid “digging out” ingrown toenails, especially if they are infected and sore. If you are suffering from an ingrown toenail, see a dermatologist for treatment.

9. Wear shoes that fit properly. Also alternate which pair of shoes you wear each day.

10. Wear flip flops at the pool and in public showers. This reduces the risk of infections caused by a fungus that can get in your toenails.

11. If your nails change, swell, or cause pain, see your dermatologist because these can be signs of serious nail problems. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, it’s especially important to seek treatment for any nail problems. If you have questions or concerns about caring for your nails, see a dermatologist.

(as cited by American Association of Dermatology)1.
Have always loved lunar eclipses! Rumor has it, that Northern America may get a glimpse around 4:30 AM tomorrow...
Have a very safe and Happy 4th of July! 💥🇺🇸 Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts with Creamy Lemon Dip : Food Network The Best Thanksgiving Recipes Most recipes for bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts call for holding everything together with toothpicks, but we skip that step. Setting the bacon seam-side down on the baking sheet makes it seal in the hot oven. The maple syrup glaze helps to make each bite sweet and caramelized. Halloween Recipes Monday is Halloween. Here are some recipes for you! Allrecipes has over 540 Halloween recipes and food ideas including cookies, cupcakes and cocktails. Find cute or creepy goodies to feed your Halloween fun. 10 New Ways to Wear a French Manicure Look at these nail trends... Tips are back in a big way. 15 Daily Habits of Women With Amazing Nails They're actually simple, so listen up. August Full Moon 2016: See the Lunar 'Sturgeon' Online Tonight Full Moon with lunar eclipse tonight! The full moon rises on Thursday, Aug. 18, and is known as the Full Sturgeon Moon. Here's how to see it online and facts behind the Sturgeon Moon.
Another happy client!
Hey gurrrrllll!!! NEED (h/t @thebasicbitchlife)
Elizabeth Gilbert
The Weather Channel Awe!!! My fav color is Pink, love balloons and bears too, makes for the cutest video!! We think it's safe to assume they've never seen a balloon before
As/Is Next on the list of fun stuff to make! DIY Lotion Bars

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