Ariana Bell- Arbonne Independent Consultant

Traycheff Ct, Vacaville, CA, 95687

Ariana Bell- Arbonne Independent Consultant

Traycheff Ct

Vacaville, CA, 95687

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[09/01/16]   When losing weight, taking care of your skin, wearing make up or just looking for that one of a kind gift. What do you expect from your products?
[08/15/16]   Hello Followers!!! Today is day 1 of the 30 days of Healthy Living Program and I am so filled with energy and excitement for these next 30 days! Stay tuned to watch some videos and get some amazing recipes and also take a peek at the other lines Arbonne offers.

If you like what you see book a show with me and I got you :P
[04/12/16]   So excited for Arbonne's 2016 GTC (global training conference) new products launching!!! Can't wait to come back and show them off!!!
[01/13/16]   2016 is the year to pay it forward. I have decided to donate my earnings this WHOLE month to NF, Inc. California. Please help me support this local non profit organization.

I will also have a bunco night Jan 30th. More info to come on that 😃 Who Else Wants a Vegan Lipstick That Works? I absolutely LOVE these new lipsticks! They smell amazing, don't melt like others and they last longer while keeping my lips lusciously smooth! I don't wear lipstick. At least I didn't until I discovered a vegan lipstick that works. Other reasons for my lack of lipstick love are that most either taste, smell or feel weird; stay on for an u...
[09/08/15]   Movers are coming and we are saying bye to Louisiana but heading to California!!! I'm so excited to launch out in California! Who's ready for some pampering???
[08/26/15]   I'm so excited to be getting my Arbonne on! It has been on the back burner for too long.

As some of you know my husband has broken his back and is getting out of the Army. You can't imagine all the the emotions, the physical and financial aspects of this process unless you or a loved one has been through this process.

I'm kicking it off with a 7 day cleanse and heading to Dallas for the day on Sat! Who is free, fun and would like to come with and check out this amazing company!?!
[08/24/15]   Today is a shake and fizzy kid of start to my day!
[08/23/15]   Who is busy on Saturday 8/29? I have an extra ticket for an amazing time up in Dallas, TX! Message me for more details :) How Johnson & Johnson May Be Poisoning Your Child One of the many reasons I love Arbonne's ABC line! If you buy special shampoo for your baby, the last thing you’d expect it to contain would be known or suspected carcinogens… But if you live in the U.S., this may in fact be the case. For the past two years, health and environmental groups have been urging Johnson & Johnson to remove two potentially…
[07/05/15]   Sorry to those wanting to come to today's show, I woke up sick and I don't want to share my germs. 😷 I will reschedule soon! Thank you for understanding. ☺️
[06/30/15]   Hi all! Sorry it's been dry of posts lately. Been living life to the fullest with traveling, potty training, family visits and late spring cleaning.

I don't know about Yall but I am in desperate need of a cleanse and get back to eating right! If your like me and need to get back on track join my event 😁 keep an eye out, I may do some daily pics of my favorite recipes, exercise and tips/tricks

Ariana Bell- Arbonne Independent Consultant